Shivers III: The Curse Reborn

Old 1995 Sierra classic adventure game remade into a fan-made sequel.

Shivers Sequel... Non-profit, public domain

In the 1990's, Sierra Online brought us two incredible horror-adventure "point and click" classics, Shivers and Shivers II: Harvest of Souls. Now, you can join the effort to rekindle the classic franchise in Shivers III: The Curse Reborn, a complete remake by community artists, writers, and enthusiats!

Shivers III: The Curse Reborn story is still in development. Please check any progress in the sidebar to the right.

Shivers III is currently being conceived and produced by a small team, however the vision for the project is to have a community of artists, writers, developers, and puzzle designers work together to produce this non-profit/public domain game. So far, the game is being developed using free and public domain products: "Google Sketchup", "" and "Interax".


Please visit the FAQ section to read about all the jobs and talent that we are seeking at this point, thank you!!! Interested in helping? Contact system administrator, ownsoldier.

Currently Working on...

Hello Shivers community! Here's a brief log of what is currently being worked on:

4/15/2013: Ownsolider- Working on building "world" in Google Sketchup.

Game Completion Status

Most recent update: 4/15/2013

Estimated game completion statuses

Overall: 3% (11/6/2012)

Level Design: 6% (4/15/2013)

General/Concept Art: 6% (12/3/2011)

Story: 5% (11/27/2012)

Music: 6% (12/5/2010)

Sound: 5% (8/15/2011)

Puzzle Design: 8% (12/5/2010)

Programming: 3% (11/27/2011)

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